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Temecula Valley Prospectors
Of Riverside County
is a local Southern California Chapter of GPAA

We meet the first Saturday of each month at

Lakeland Village Community Center 9am

16275 Grand Ave, Lake Elsinore CA  92530

TVP Purpose

Our primary purpose  is to provide knowledge and increase public awareness about ecologically sound prospecting, small mining, and treasure hunting.

This includes education and training on locating, identification, an removal of minerals, caches and treasures while keeping in mind the preservation of the environment and wild habitat.

Gitin’ to Know Us

Whether it's a meeting, gold outing or seasonal barbecue, This local chapters keep the community alive. There's one thing that everyone has in common: a love for all things gold!

Temecula Valley Prospectors

We meet the first Saturday of each month at Lakeland Village Community Center 9am

16275 Grand Ave, Lake Elsinore CA  92530

Gold Prospectors Association of America

The Gold Prospectors Association of America was founded in 1968 by George "Buzzard" Massie to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Prospector by providing member exclusive access to gold bearing property across the country as well as the tools needed to get started in gold prospecting.  Temecula Valley Prospectors was the first chapter.  

Public Lands for the People

PLP is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to represent groups and individuals that are interested in keeping public and private lands open to prospecting, mining, and outdoor recreation. We serve to unite, inform, and raise funding on all causes and issues related to land user rights. We keep tabs on all proposed limitations and restrictions, and serve to represent at all public hearings on these matters.

Forest Service

Federal forest management dates back to 1876 when Congress created the office of Special Agent in the U.S. Department of Agriculture to assess the quality and conditions of forests in the United States. In 1881 the Department expanded the office into the Division of Forestry. A decade later Congress passed the Forest Reserve Act of 1891 authorizing the President to designate public lands in the West into what were then called “forest reserves.” Responsibility for these reserves fell under the Department of the Interior until 1905 when President Theodore Roosevelt transferred their care to the Department of Agriculture’s new U.S. Forest Service. Gifford Pinchot led this new agency as its first Chief, charged with caring for the newly renamed national forests.


This is a Family orientated Club

Children are more than Welcome.

We have outing and go Gold Prospecting, Metal Detecting, Gem & Mineral hunting and just good ol’ fashion Treasure Hunting!

Come Out & Play and show off your Findings at our meetings.

Chapter Support

Temecula Valley Prospectors is an All Volunteer - Non-Profit organization.  Since we are all volunteer, we rely 100% on our members to keep things functioning.

We don’t charge dues, there is no cost to borrow prospecting equipment, outings are completely free.  Once a member prospecting our claims is free completely free as well. The items in our library, and the education and companionship you receive are worth its weight in GOLD and ALL FREE!  Just Participate and Volunteer!

All of the work to maintain the claims, provide prospecting equipment to borrow and a place to store it, deal with federal/state/local bureaucracy, pay any taxes and file annual returns, provide maps & guides, provide a great place to meet, maintain the library, the Temecula Valley Prospectors website, newsletter and so much more is all provided by our Club Volunteers .

Remember our club still has regular expenses to keep things running.  There is rent to pay, many of our claims have annual fees, equipment to buy and maintain.  Not to forget the storage fees, website fees, raffle costs for gold and various prizes, printing fees and  other essential monthly expenses.

So how can you support your club

Participate! and most important - Volunteer your time!

Temecula Valley Prospectors

Membership Policy

Membership to

Temecula Valley Prospectors is free.

We do not charge any annual dues.

All that is asked is that you attend meetings, participate and support the group through its opportunity drawings, Volunteering your time and  through special events. To maintain membership, you MUST attend three meeting every year.

Here is the process:

  • On your First Meeting: Complete and turn in a membership application.

  • Second Meeting: log-yourself in

  • Third Meeting: You will be able to purchase a TVP Claims book and new member packet with proof of your membership.

  • By the 4th meeting: As a GPAA Chapter - We recommend you become members of the GPAA and stay within good standings.  Remember to let them know

    you are a member of

    The Temecula Valley Prospectors!

    Then Volunteer!

    There are many opportunities within the club to help out.  

    Just Ask

    “What Can I

    Help the Club With?”

Contact Us

If you have Questions, Comments, Photos, Stories, Finds or any additional information, send to:

Welcome Home!

Remember our meetings are held the First Saturday of each month at

16275 Grand Ave in Lake Elsinore

See You There!

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2081

Temecula, CA 92593-2081

Everyone is Invited to Join!

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